Want to stay injury-free this ski season? Here are 8 training and equipment tips.

Published in the Washington Post

It was the easiest first day of any of my 21 ski seasons in Jackson, Wyo.: two hours on intermediate-level groomed runs at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Still wearing a cast after surgery seven weeks earlier to repaired a shattered wrist, I enjoyed taking it easy. Except the next morning revealed that I hadn’t taken it easy enough: I awoke unable to stand up straight and feeling like an ice pick was embedded in a long-ago herniated disc. I tried massage, acupuncture and physical therapy before resorting to an MRI and a course of steroids. It was almost five weeks before I was able to ski again, and I did so gingerly for the rest of the season. Read More

Health hotline: Doctors to answer questions on hand, wrist and elbow conditions and injuries

Published in the Deseret News

Contrary to popular belief, spending too much time at a computer keyboard doesn’t necessarily lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The painful hand and wrist condition is common in middle-aged women, as well as for people with diabetes, hypothyroidism and those who are obese. But it isn’t very prevalent in people who spend a lot of time hunched over a keyboard, said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick Olson.

“We’re just not seeing it in younger populations that tend to do more typing and spend more time on the computer,” he said. The association of the condition to occupational exposure remains unclear… Read More

Health hotline: Ergonomics, exercise and proper movement can prevent hand, wrist injury

Dr. Olson

Published in the Deseret News

To prevent unexpected injury to the hand, wrist and elbow, doctors and therapists recommend maintaining proper movement and overall health.

Exercise, as with many ailments, can be beneficial and improve symptoms.

“But, if something is hurting, you should get evaluated and have that discussion with the doctor,” said Dr. Patrick Olson, an orthopedic surgeon at Intermountain Healthcare’s The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital and the Park City Medical Center. He said patients with the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome may be able to change its course with a few healthy habits… Read More

ProHealth Lab – Deanna Carter “A Journey To Health And Wellness”

Dr. Cooley — Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Dr. Lind — Wilderness Medicine

The Knee Docs

Article in Park City Magazine about Drs. Roseberg and Cooley of the RCM Clinic.

Ask around town — heck, ask around the nation or even the world for that matter — for the docs you want to fix your gimpy knee, and the answer may well come back, “Rosenberg and Cooley.” It comes with bragging rights, as in “Tiger Woods’ docs fixed my knee too!” Whether it’s Tiger, a Kamas farmer, or practically the entire U.S. Ski Team, doctors Tom Rosenberg and Vern Cooley use the same advanced techniques Rosenberg began perfecting three decades ago… Read More





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