Dr. Rosenberg’s Last scheduled surgery this August

Dear Patients and Friends,

After August of this year I have decided to no longer conduct surgical procedures. I have genuinely enjoyed our patients, my partners, staff, colleagues…the list is so long. I have drawn a special energy from the openness and trust of our patients. My family has always been supportive; to them I owe a special thanks. My surgical technicians including Scott Lemperle and the late Kerry Darveau have assisted our work immensely.

The RCM Clinic is poised to schedule patients and surgical procedures through this August with focus on patients who have reached the point where surgery and lifestyle improvements are necessary. Our patients requiring athletic knee implants will remain our primary interest. I will continue to conduct follow-up clinics until late fall to care for surgical patients following their procedures.

I have wonderful colleagues, Dr. Charles Lind and Dr. Garrett Davis, who are accepting new knee patients as I retire. My long-term partner, Dr. Vernon Cooley, has also offered his services. Other surgeons outside of RCM Clinic, including Dr. Lynn Rasmussen and Dr. Chris Peters, are experienced in performing bony integration knee implants.

Our staff at 435-655-6600 will do its best to make the transition smooth. Kim, Troy, Tara, Angie and Mark are fully dedicated to preserving continuity of care.

Thank you for your trust and your understanding. My life has been enriched by every patient I’ve had opportunity to treat.

Thomas D. Rosenberg, M.D.

Your Medical Records are confidential and will remain securely onsite at the RCM Clinic unless you choose to transfer them to another physician outside of the RCM Clinic. To transfer your medical records to an outside physician, please fill out the Medical Records Release Authorization form below.

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